What we do

What we deliver

Customised courses for senior management, mid-level management and workers on:

  • Occupational safety and health
  • Fire safety and emergency management
  • Travel safety, health and security
  • Workplace health promotion
  • Preventing and managing stress at work
  • Interactive training of trainers using the most up-to-date techniques

Consulting services that:

  • Empower management to incorporate safety, health, fire safety and travel safety issues above into corporate policy
  • Assist enterprises to build effective corporate directives
  • Strengthen the role of occupational safety and health committees
  • Assist enterprises in strengthening fire safety and emergency management
  • Build awareness-raising programmes with a view to strengthen the corporate safety and health culture
  • Continue to support programmes until institutional capacity is developed within the enterprise

An evidence and results-based consultancy

The consultancy can develop, assist in implementing and evaluate policies, directives, assessments, informational activities and education and training programmes to address these issues, tailored to meet the organization’s needs. The programmes will be designed to take into account linguistic, gender and cultural differences.

We can help the organisation in:

  • Developing a comprehensive corporate policy
  • Reinforcing corporate social responsibility
  • Addressing rising costs due to occupational safety and health issues
  • Retaining workers
  • Improving the organization’s reputation
  • Strengthen advocacy in safety and health
  • Improving dialogue between management and workers to address occupational safety and health
  • Develop and strengthen emergency planning and evacuation procedures
  • Improving home-work-life-family balance
  • Developing a peer counselling capacity to address stress and its manifestations
  • Assist the organisation in providing effective meetings and seminars and
  • Design effective and participative training and educational programmes