Recent papers

Examining the role of the occupational safety and health professional in supporting the control of the risks of multiple psychosocial stressors generated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gold, D. Sharman, A. and Thomas, D. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 2022

Perceptions, experiences and opportunities for occupational safety and health professionals arising out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Gold, D. Hughes, S. and  Thomas , D. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 2021

Cascading Fire Safety, Gold, D. and Pitkin, M.,  (IOSH) Networks news, Summer 2019

Rapid response, Gold, D., and Brennan, M. IOSH Magazine, January 2018.

PAS 3001:2016 Travelling for work – Responsibilities of an organisation for health, safety and security – Code of practice, Gold, D., Technical Author for the British Standards Institution, 2016

Managing the safety, health and security of the mobile worker: an occupational safety and health practitioner’s guide, Gold, D., Joyce, J., Man, V., IOSH and International SOS Foundation, June 2016

Establishing a fire safety culture, Gold, D., Middle East Fire, May 2016.

Addressing a fire safety culture in the garment industry in South Asia, Gold, D., White, J., and Klemmer, B., 2014

Security guards, Gold, D., SHP 06 May 2014

Out of the Ashes, Gold, D Safety and Health Professional. May 2014.

The indigenous fisherman divers of Thailand: diving practices.  Gold, D. Aiyarak, S. Wongcharoenyong, S. Geater, A. and Juengprasert, W. and Gerth, A. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics. January 2000

The indigenous fisherman divers of Thailand: diving-related mortality and morbidity Gold, D. Geater, A. Aiyarak, S. Wongcharoenyong, S. Juengprasert, W.  Johnson, M. Skinner, P. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics…, 2000

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